Can I permanently prevent Java security updates from installing Yahoo Toolbar?

Each time I get a Java security update, I have to remember to untick the box to install the yahoo toolbar browser plugin that they've decided, for some mad reason, is an important security feature of Java. Is there a way to get it to remember my choice, or to get the security updates without it? Or to educate Sun about what is and isn't a security update?


Two points...

If you do not want the added software you only have two options.

  1. Continue to uncheck the box and keep your automatic updates.
  2. Use the offline installer at The offline installer has not added software. If you are industrious or know someone excellent with batch files you could write a script to check their ftp servers, compare file names, download a new one if present and then do a silent install.

That's about it...

I'd write the batch file for you but I really don't know how. ;)

Here is help with silent installs -

Maybe block at the router?

I had to come down to my father's house to unblock his email client after he hit the wrong option in a firewall requester after updating the email client.

When I checked the link in the email he was waiting for I noticed the Yahoo toolbar that Java had sneaked into an update.

After removing it using the add-on system in Firefox, I added to the blocked list in the router, I guess I'll find out if it worked next time they push an update.

I never install java... I just copy it and manually set it to my classpath and other variables as needed to start the application.

Of course I do not get auto updates... then again.. maybe I do not want auto updates ! This ensures that I remain in control of my deployed environment and as a bonus... My toolbars are free of yahoo junk !

then again... that does snot really answer the question though

The Yahoo! Toolbar is supposedly easy to uninstall : How do I uninstall Yahoo! Toolbar?.

Once uninstalled, I suggest changing Java automatic updates :
Control Panel -> Java -> Update tab -> Set Notify Me to "Before downloading", OK.

This will notify you when a update is available, and will let you manually update Java, thus getting the option of refusing the Yahoo! Toolbar.

It is a good idea to keep a visual control of what Java Update is doing. Since Sun was bought by Oracle, it is no longer trust-worthy, being much more marketing-oriented.

In general, one should keep all products up to date, not only Java. As most software products do not have automatic update, regularly running an update monitor such as SUMo is recommended.

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