Can not able to activate wsp in Office 365

Today my office 365 account is behaving strangely. As yesterday I was able to activate my wsp solution using activate button from the ribbon in solutions gallery.

Today I can not able to activate my wsp solution. It gives blanks in popup dialog box. (As shown in below image)

Can not able to activate wsp in Office 365

When I click activate button, nothing happens after then.

Note: My user has full rights and it is site collection administrator.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Code in sandboxed solution has been depricated by Microsoft in SharePoint Online for some time now, see Deprication of custom code in sandboxed solutions.

So that might be a possible reason for what you are experiencing. That they are now enforcing the no-code-policy.

What you need to do in that case is to convert your sandboxed solution to an add-in, most likely a provider-hosted add-in.

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