Can't clean users/Appdata/local/temp (Win7 - Home)

Status: my user/appdata/local/temp folder has 1.5 million files - some are texts,pdfs, but mostly temp.
Problem: Win disc cleanup and ST Cleaner both stop while processing this folder after about 5 minutes (corrupted file?). Tried opening the folder using explorer (takes 15-20min to generate directory) and was able to delete some files manually. Tried selecting all then delete but failed. Presently running C:drive scan with MS essentials - it's been working on this folder for about 5hrs. I'm new to this forum and hope someone can tell me how to trick this thing into doing what I want .... P.S. I go all the way back to main-frames and KayPro CPM. Thanks in advance - Peter


Category: windows 7 Time: 2016-07-31 Views: 94

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