Can`t install linux on desktop ps

I am tring to install Linux any version on one ps.

The ps is intel desktop board

Processor: Intel Atom CPU d2500 @ 1.86GHz 1.86GHz

Ram: 4gb

Current os: Windows 7 home 64-bit

Bios version: mucdt10n.86a

The problem is when i insert my boot usb (created by rufus-2.9.exe or unetbootin-windows-625.exe) go the menu option where i can choose what i want to do , memory test , install , test etc.

After that is just black screen nothing happens just stay lika that.

I try to disable and enabe UEFI (that user bios interface thing) ,but still nothing and nothing.

Try diferent file format for the USB, FAT32/NTFS some thing.

The usb is Apacer 3.0 , pls help.

Thank you!!!


Category: boot Time: 2016-07-29 Views: 2
Tags: usb boot uefi grub2

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