Can You Read Me Now?

Do you remember when all web sites used various sizes of Times or Times New Roman? Then it seemed like Arial became the new rage. And lately, it seems that Verdana is the cool font to use. (I tend to prefer Verdana out of those three.)

As I was clicking around on Michael Bernard’s research (see yesterday’s post), I discovered that he and others have done lots of research on fonts used in web sites, their legibility, communicated “moods,” and even which fonts seemed to work better for older or younger viewers.

Just a few tidbits drawn from the articles:

– People tend not to prefer Times/Times New Roman for aesthetics OR legibility. (Funny that this is the default font used for most word processing programs and web browsers!)

– Arial, Verdana, and Georgia are good. (Tahoma is also quite legible, but may not be on everyone’s system.)

– Older people may think Arial is easier to read.

– Kids like “fun” fonts.

Have fun!

General summary of fonts in web sites

Research on font legibility and evoked emotions

Fonts for older people

Fonts for kids


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