• Encoding uploaded file name 2016-07-31

    My current site allows user file uploads, so, to avoid collisions i need to encode stored file names in some way. But i'd like to be able to retrieve original file names for downloads. So, i'm trying to encode file name to be unique decodable As of n

    Tags: php, encode
  • Dynamic Routing PHP MVC 2016-07-31

    I'm creating a simple MVC framework for a new version of my website I'm working on. Currently I have simple routing, such as /about-us etc ... I've just implemented 'my version' of dynamic routing. I have no idea whether or not my implementation is i

    Tags: php, url routing, mvc
  • Process last chunk of real-time data 2016-07-31

    have a web application that receives data from the user in chunks via Ajax (gathered via multiple async operations): each time an operation is complete, a request is sent to the server with the updated data. I don't know whether the user will quit th

    Tags: php, javascript, ajax
  • Does having /sbin/nologin mean I cannot start the /bin/sh executable? 2016-07-31

    While practicing exploitation on a lab, I managed to get the ability to execute php code which allowed me to execute system commands through shell_exec on a web server. The apache user has /sbin/nologin assigned as its shell. I have tried using the c

    Tags: php, bash, exploit, penetration test, shellcode
  • image to svg using php or library 2016-07-31

    i have to convert image(png ,jpg) to svg . Is there any php built in library to do this or way to do same in php. i google but could not find proper answer. Need help with this issue . Can we write custom code to do this or using third party library

    Tags: image, php
  • Unable to find the socket transport "SSL" though phpinfo() show that OpenSSL support enabled 2016-07-31

    I am working with uduntu server. My php version is 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.5 (cli) (built: Oct 29 2014 11:59:10). In this server I have deployed a laravel 5.2 project in which I tried configure an email account from which will send password reset link. The pr

    Tags: email, php, sockets, ssl, laravel 5.2
  • PHP include function not display images or css 2016-07-31

    I am testing a small blog site I created using XAMPP. PHP files work with includes when in parent folder, but I have a folder called "2016" inside the same htdocs folder and in that folder I have "1" "2" "3" "4

    Tags: php, html, css, xampp
  • How can fix my Countdown Timer on Wordpress (ACF)?

    How can fix my Countdown Timer on Wordpress (ACF)? 2016-07-31

    I'm using Advanced Custom Fields that has field type called the Date Time Picker. I'm using the Date Time Picker to create an Countdown Timer that for a Coming Soon Site. I have added some code into my theme_acf.php that below. Also added the code in

    Tags: php, theme development
  • output nested comment based on three tables 2016-07-30

    i have three tables, 1.comment, 2.nested comment, 3. username i'm currently struggling how to output the nested comment the best way $sql = "SELECT comment.*, nested_comment.subject AS nc_subject, users.username FROM comment INNER JOIN users ON comme

    Tags: database, php, mysqli
  • Updating entry based on previous value 2016-07-30

    I have a form where the user enters the url they want and proceeds to the next step. This is all done with no page refresh, so I'm relying on Ajax to send the information. When the user submits the url they want, they are allowed to go the next part.

    Tags: php, ajax
  • handle file using session but multiple session 2016-07-30

    i will handling scurity file with session, but i have problem. i have filea.php with session. session_start(); if ($_SESSION['login']){ include('fileb.php'); } i have fileb.php with session. session_start(); if ($_SESSION['login']){ } i will include

    Tags: php, session
  • Difficulty creating an element using XMLWriter (xmlns) 2016-07-30

    I am working on a project to improve my work activities, and I cannot find a solution to my problem by myself. I need an element to look like this: <ns3:sampleTransportXml xmlns:ns2="link1" xmlns:ns3="link2" xmlns:ns4="link3&qu

    Tags: php, xml, xmlwriter
  • Failed to upload image to MySql databse using PHP 2016-07-30

    I'm trying to upload a picture into my MySql database using PHP, but the code reaches a else statement, seems like the image has a NULL value, but I've selected a file from my dir. My HTML Form: <form action="cadastrar.php" method="post&

    Tags: php, mysql
  • Strange URL Rewrite Issues in Magento 2016-07-30

    Im having a very bizarre problem with a magento store that I work on. I have been doing the SEO and have about 100 404 errors for product urls that SHOULD be valid. I can see the products and the urls in the product catalog via the admin - everything

    Tags: php, mysql, magento
  • What is the best way to develop a script with multiple people? 2016-07-30

    Hello I am new to PHP programming. Sorry if my question seems silly. I already know I have to use a version control. My doubts about the source code protection. How can I work with other programmers in a php script without the risk of the code being

    Tags: php, web development
  • Why my image upload button is not working in wordpress widget area? 2016-07-30

    During making addv. widget I facing a problem.When I am clicking the uploading button then it is not redirecting to media library.How to solve this problem? <?php add_action('widgets_init','personalblog_300x600_add_widgets'); function personalblog_30

    Tags: buttons, php, images, widgets
  • Error:Cannot create file C:xamppxampp-control.ini [on hold] 2016-07-30

    I am facing a problem with my Xampp control panel. Once I try to lunch it, it pops out an error message says:"Error:Cannot create file "C:\xampp\xampp-control.ini". Access denied. The version I installed is xampp-win32-5.6.23. When I try to

    Tags: php, xampp, bitnami
  • Button getting hided if validation fails --php css wordpress 2016-07-30

    field validation is from php(server side). upload button is client side(ext and file size). for both field only one save button. My goal is to hide save button once submitted and show processing... but if validation fails save button will be hided. <

    Tags: php, jquery, wordpress
  • Server unable to handle request in laravel 5 2016-07-30

    I installed Laravel 5 by it's installer and I'm facing a issue with 500 error. I changed chmod with no change (755 for root and o+w for storage). Running server with php -S localhost:8888 ~/bloggy/public I have no idea what is doing this.

    Tags: php, laravel
  • Which is the most reliable method to setup a cookie: Javascript Or php? 2016-07-30

    I'm using this javascript function to setup a cookie on my site that will show a div wile the cookie isn't setup. function accept_cookies(){ days=365; // number of days to keep the cookie myDate = new Date(); myDate.setTime(myDate.getTime()+(days*24*

    Tags: php, javascript, cookies

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