• Enable hibernate, enlarge swap

    Enable hibernate, enlarge swap 2016-07-30

    I want my 16.04 to be able to hibernate to disk, it does not give that option now. I have a HP Pavillion x360 with 4 GB RAM. What should I do? Do you think it will help to shrink the Windows partition (sda3) by one GB and make swap size all together

    Tags: hibernate, swap
  • Have troubles with hibernation on arch linux 2016-07-27

    My system doesn't resume after hibernation My hooks cat /etc/mkinitcpio.conf | grep resume HOOKS="base udev autodetect modconf block resume filesystems keyboard fsck" Then I done mkinitcpio -p linux I added resume argument to kernel params $ cat

    Tags: hibernate, swap
  • Lubuntu - Cannot poweroff laptop when using swap 2016-07-25

    I'm using Lubuntu 16.04 on my Notebook HP Pavilion g6-2305sl, and I'm having some troubles apparently (I'm not really sure) connected to swap usage. I boot up with the command line login shell and then start LXDE environment via startx command. Every

    Tags: swap, shutdown, lubuntu
  • Android, microSD and SWAP 2016-07-16

    I have an Android 4.4.4 device (which I can easily root) with a 32 GiB microSD card, which is secured well and will not be disconnected during normal work. Is there a way I could use that card or more preferably a partition on it as swap, pretending

    Tags: android, swap, ram
  • Can swap get corrupted? 2016-07-15

    We keep having swap problems when moving a lot of files or deleting them. The latest message is "out of swap space" We rebooted. However, "out of swap space" now occurs during boot. Freenas just doesn't boot. That shouldn't happen, rig

    Tags: swap, freenas
  • Increase swap space for RAM 2016-07-06

    I have Micromax canvas 2.2 with android 4.2.2 & kernel version 3.4.5. I have already rooted my phone. Now, to increase swap space I partitioned sd card using mini partition. Then tried to link it using Link2sd app. But it didn't work. Everytime I try

    Tags: swap
  • How to undo "mkswap" 2016-06-22

    I had a problem with mysql and I needed to make a swap partition to fix it. I ran this code # dd if=/dev/zero of=/swap.dat bs=1024 count=512M # mkswap /swap.dat # swapon /swap.dat ## Edit the /etc/fstab, and the following entry. /swap.dat none swap s

    Tags: swap
  • Should I set swappiness=10 in my Ubuntu desktop? 2016-02-24

    According to Ubuntu's swap faq, the default swappiness value is 60. However, "(...) Reducing the default value of swappiness will probably improve overall performance for a typical Ubuntu desktop installation. A value of swappiness=10 is recommended

    Tags: swap
  • Why Ubuntu auto swapon swap partition? 2016-02-20

    I have a standard Ubuntu installation. After that, I disable swap entry in fstab. But, when power on the computer, Ubuntu automatically use that swap partition. Sometimes it does that, sometimes it does not. Why is that? EDIT: I disable swap partitio

    Tags: swap, fstab
  • Set primary swap partition 2016-01-29

    Can I somehow set Ubuntu to use the first swap partion in /dev/sdb and only if not available (or full), use the swap partition on /dev/sda? /dev/sdb is not always mounted so it is necessary to have a swap partition also on /dev/sda. But /dev/sda is a

    Tags: swap
  • Force push process to swap 2016-01-22

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04 on Chromebook. There is couple semi-unneed processes like Google Chrome running in background which I can't just mask via 'chmod -x' or kill since they respawn again (anyway, rarely I'm switching back to ChromeOS therefore c

    Tags: swap
  • lost swap and no idea why 2015-12-11

    I'm running an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a DELL Inspiron 7. I was happily browsing away, when all of a sudden the laptop turned off as if someone unplugged the power. I reboot no problem, but I noticed, that I have lost my swap partition. It turned out the

    Tags: swap
  • When hibernating : "PM: Swap header not found" 2015-12-03

    I've already seen Debian hibernate problem PM: Swap header not found, but the difference is that it's not a file swap but actually a swap partition. I'm on Ubuntu 15.10. My swap partition: $ swapon -s Filename Type Size Used Priority /dev/sda2 partit

    Tags: hibernate, swap
  • Whn hibernating : "PM: Swap header not found" 2015-12-02

    I'm on Ubuntu 15.10. My swap partition: $ swapon -s Filename Type Size Used Priority /dev/sda2 partition 3144700 2460 -1 and in /etc/fstab: $ cat /etc/fstab # / was on /dev/sda1 during installation UUID=f3ce520a-8e22-43aa-9818-b9ea4797b0c6 / ext4 err

    Tags: hibernate, swap
  • Swap is still being used heavily although swappines has been set to 5

    Swap is still being used heavily although swappines has been set to 5 2015-11-24

    I run ubuntu on 4 Gb of RAM, and found the system still using 20% of Swap although the RAM is only 57% full and swappiness set to 5. The result of cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness is 5. Is this is normal? Or is the swappiness setting not being read at all

    Tags: swap
  • Do I Really Need A Swap Partition? 2015-11-19

    This question already has an answer here: Do we still need swap partitions on desktop? 4 answers I am about to format and manually partition my hard drive for Ubuntu for the first time. I have 16GB of RAM. I am wondering if I should even allocate a s

    Tags: swap
  • swap partition limits my drive 2015-11-02

    why is the swap disk not just a file inside the main partition? setting as a seperate partition limits my ability to extend 1 partition for anaother O.S. --------------Solutions------------- I find that I never use my swap partition. If you have suff

    Tags: swap, partitions
  • Change percentage of time swap space is used 2015-10-22

    A question was proposed to me in an interesting format. I was asked "How would I set swap space to be used 50% of the time?" I know how to set the swapiness value in a range from 0-100 in /etc/sysctl.conf and reboot for it to take effect, howeve

    Tags: swap
  • How to create multiple swap files with same priority 2015-10-16

    I using swap on my y300, and I wondered how to create multiple swap files but with SAME priority, I use init.d script to start swaps from file in /bin but it gives them priority -1; -2; -3; in order what they have been created I tried adding '-p 1' p

    Tags: swap
  • Expand the size of swap partition

    Expand the size of swap partition 2015-09-21

    I did some partition size expansions of my centOs system and recover boot loader and file system successfully.I also changed the location and expanded the swap (5GB to 8GB) partition along with above deeds. Now the file system looks like this. The pr

    Tags: swap

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