Change focus in Excel to formula bar via keyboard using Excel 2011 in Mac

I like to avoid using my mouse as much as possible, but on occasions when I need to type directly into the formula bar I am currently forced to 'rattle the rodent'. Does anyone know a way to move focus from the worksheet cells into the formula bar with a keystroke combination?


You should check the following article: Quick access to Excel formula bar via keyboard

If pressing [F2] positions the cursor in the cell instead of the Formula bar, do the following:

From the Tools menu, choose Options.
Click the Edit tab.
Uncheck the Edit Directly In Cell option in the Settings area.
Click OK.

If you’re using Excel 2007, do the following:

Click the Office button and then click Excel Options (at the bottom right).
Select Advanced in the left pane.
Uncheck the Allow Editing Directly In Cell option.
Click OK.

Use CtrlU to access the formula bar in the Mac OS X version of Microsoft Excel.

Tools - Options - Edit - Edit directly in cell (*un*tick)

Now, F2 will do it.

I just use F2 and edit cell content in place. I'm not sure if that gives any benefit / drawbacks over using the formula bar directly, though...

If using 2010 (I understand this is a old thread, for people searching these days), go to file, options, advanced, untick "allow editing directly in cell".

Then F2 should take you to formula bar.

You can edit the contents of a cell by pressing the F2 key.

A full listing of Excel keyboard shortcuts can be found in this XLS.

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