Changing Theme and getting a white screen. Then, there is a error prompts "Notice:Undefined index:" [on hold]

There is a matter I have. Originally, I got a white screen because I activated a theme. But, my site got stocked on the white screen. After I search on the internet. I finally deleted a table on my database it is called "system" this table. I were already backup it for resolving white screen. Fortunately, I had recovered my site but I also got these error prompts under below. I had been using the database to setup up a new theme, Zen. However, it is not working. Now, it is a good news to see a screen but it doesn't have the theme. Need helps.

Notice:Undefined index: highlighted 於 include() (/usr/share/drupal7/modules/system/page.tpl.php 中的第 126 行)。 Notice:Undefined index: sidebar_first 於 include() (/usr/share/drupal7/modules/system/page.tpl.php 中的第 138 行)。 Notice:Undefined index: sidebar_second 於 include() (/usr/share/drupal7/modules/system/page.tpl.php 中的第 144 行)。 Notice:Undefined offset: 0 於 drupal_theme_initialize() (/usr/share/drupal7/includes/ 中的第 100 行)。 Notice:Trying to get property of non-object 於 _drupal_theme_initialize() (/usr/share/drupal7/includes/ 中的第 146 行)。 Notice:Trying to get property of non-object 於 _theme_load_registry() (/usr/share/drupal7/includes/ 中的第 335 行)。


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