Check if Project queue is empty

I want to create several projects in Project Server using CSOM (in a console application). Before I create a new project I want the previous creation operation to be finished (otherwise, from time to time, some operations just throw errors). Is there a way to check if there are any operations in the project queue?

I wanted to use something like this:

bool proccessing = true; while (proccessing) {     Project proj = projContext.Projects.GetByGuid(newProj.Id);     projContext.Load(proj, p => p.QueueJobs);     projContext.ExecuteQuery();      if (proj.QueueJobs.Count == 0)     {         proccessing = false;     }     else     {         Thread.Sleep(5 * 1000);     } } 

The problem is that QueueJobs is always empty even when I see the site publishing operation in the PWA queue.


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