Circuit for controlling AC signal polarity in real-time

I'm going to start a project on a controlling speaker array and I need to control the signal's polarity fed into each speaker. I want to make a 'router' or 'controller' to make it easy, so I don't have to change all the wiring when I want to change the polarity distribution.

I googled some keywords and found H-bridge IC. But I'm not sure if that is compatible with AC signal. Besides, I'm afraid of controller size, because I need the controller for speaker ARRAY including many speakers, at least 9.

So, anyone who has an idea how can I solve the problem would be appreciated, very much. Now I'm thinking about kind of multi-channel connector that I can assign the signal to each port. (e.g., (+) signal to 1,3 port and (-) signal to 2,4 port)

Thanks for reading, I'm waiting for the advice. Have a nice day!


Just use a DPDT switch:

Circuit for controlling AC signal polarity in real-time

Circuit for controlling AC signal polarity in real-time

– Schematic created using CircuitLab

If you want to control this from a remote panel, you can use DPDT relays to do that.

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