(ClientSide) set/update JSlink to CSR files for (all) WebParts, Views, Fields

Working on iCSR.github.io to make CSR development a bit easier.

I now want to make it as easy as possible to set the JSlink connections on WebParts, Views or Fields.

I have code snippets to do it all, not one UI for all

Just wondering if there already is a tool/JSlink manager that does all this JSlink-ing (on a current page) or even shows all existing links in one overview

  • Apply a JSlink to the current WebPart
  • Apply a JSlink to Views (and not overwriting existing links to clienttemplates/hierarchytaskslist)
  • Apply a JSlink to a Field

Thinking ahead, would be cool to have one ASPX page to control everything JSlink in a Site Collection

Can't find info on it; Can ShareGate manage JSlink settings?


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