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I am trying to clone one developer org to another using salesforce migration tool and ANT. Mailchimp 1.66 is installed on my source org and the same I installed on my target org before deploying now when I run the command for deploying it throws following error.

Error: The specified Package Version number does not exist for that Package: MC4SF, 1.33

Actually it is looking for mailchimp 1.33 on the target org. and I looks at details of mailchimp on the source org than 1.33 was the fist installed version.

So what is the issue and how can i resolve this any help will be appreciated thanks


In the metadata xml files you downloaded, you maybe have components (ApexClass, VFPage, etc.) that depend on mailchimp 1.33.

You can find the dependency in the files ending with *-meta.xml

try to find the dependency to Mailchimp 1.33 Something like this:

    <namespace>Mailchimp </namespace>

and replace it with

    <namespace>Mailchimp </namespace>

in all *-meta.xml files...

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