Command works at the command-line, but won't work in a shell script

I am creating a script and when I try to capture a command return, I have an error of command not found, if I use this command on the terminal:

gcloud -q compute snapshots list --format='csv(NAME)' 

It works fine.

The script is:

#!/bin/sh CSV_SNAPSHOTS= $(gcloud -q compute snapshots list --format='csv(NAME)') IFS=$'\n'  for i in $CSV_SNAPSHOTS do     echo "$i" done 


There must not be any whitespace after = (and also before =) in variable declaration.

So this should do:

CSV_SNAPSHOTS=$(gcloud -q compute snapshots list --format='csv(NAME)')

Also note that, you should (almost always) quote variable and command substitution, although you would get away in this case as you are saving the command substitution to a variable.


$ foo="$(echo spam)"
$ echo "$foo"

$ bar= "$(echo egg)"
No command 'egg' found, did you mean:

The error is the space after the =, but you could also bypass storing the output in a variable and instead read it directly into your loop:


gcloud -q compute snapshots list --format='csv(NAME)' |
while read -r i; do
    printf "%s\n" "$i"

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