Copying Layer Styles in Photoshop

I just learned a new trick!!

I’ll explain my “old way” of doing things first.

Let’s say you have a layer in Photoshop and apply a Layer Style (drop shadow, stroke, bevel, etc…). The Layers palette shows which effects you’ve applied (see picture below). Quite often, I find myself needing to duplicate layer effects on other layers.

Copying Layer Styles in Photoshop

Now in the “old days,” I would right-click on the layer and choose “Copy Layer Style,” then right-click on the target layer and choose “Paste Layer Style.”

Copying Layer Styles in Photoshop

But those days are gone.

Now, I know that I can simply click on the “Effects” text, drag, and drop it on my target layer (actually, slightly “below” the layer – you’ll see what I mean when you try it) – and the effect will be applied immediately!

Copying Layer Styles in Photoshop

I am always ecstatic when I find ways to do things that involve less clicking.

By the way, you can also click-and-drag the individual effects to copy them as well. You just click the “Effects” text if you want to apply the whole lot of them.

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