Corel Draw X6 accident

I have such trouble. Or some problem with Corel Draw or with files. Do not open any single file. Says the file is corrupted. I'm using X6 with all updates. I'm working on a new computer with 8 GB of RAM and Windows 7. Many say that the X6 is better suited for Windows8. Can my preferences with Windows 7 to be the cause of the accident? I personally do not like Windows 8. Or now I'll be forced to use a product that does not like? Are there any suggestions to ease my disappointment? Thank you!


This question will be closed because it is a tech support one. But Ill give you some tips.

There is no way to know. So the first step is to copy some sample files and try to open them in another computer with Corel installed.

If the files are ok, see if the files are not generated by a newer version of Corel.

If both previous steps are ok, it is an instalation problem. Try to run install again and choose "repair".

Beyond that you need to contact tech support of Corel draw directly.

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