Custom operating system

Is it possible by installation of Ubuntu to add an option "Create unique operating system"? It would be appear as an enlistic (entertaining) smart games dialog, in which user creates names for main files, commands and folders? At the end of the games dialog it would propose to name and create some operatingsystemmap.file and to save it in some filesystems folder or in usb device at all. The operatingsystemmap.file would be responsible for the architecture and would be used by installing packages. This opereting system never would be hacking fast, because malwares script would not know how to behave, where to find files, where to unpack files. Must be created some user`s guide too (command=customnamedcommand, echo1=mycommand).

P.S. Developers each time by creating new relaese of Ubuntu are easy changing its appearance. Why not to change the security level?


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Tags: security

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