Customizing the Autoscrolling Icon

Here’s one from the ‘you could, though you probably wouldn’t, but it’s nice to know you can department.

Customizing the Autoscrolling Icon

Tom was playing around with FireFox yesterday and came to the realization that the auto-scroll icon is actually inserted dynamically into the document’s HTML, but outside the HEAD and BODY — meaning it’s still within the clutches of our evil CSS.

Mwha Ha Ha HA!!

Try clicking your middle mouse button anywhere onscreen in FireFox 1+ to see the results.

Here’s the CSS:

width: 0!important;
height: 28px!important;
padding-left: 28px!important;
background: url(/images/icons/autoscroll2.png);

In reality this is a known bug, so can’t really be relied on into the future (though it’s been around for a long time), but if your client is looking for that little bit of extra branding…


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