Defect in updated Marshmallow

Recently, i updated Samsung galaxy J5 to Marshmallow,Today when i tried to change lock screen password,like type previous password then enter new password and then confirmation of new password.I did these all steps and all goes well as they should be but when i lock my phone and try to enter password again it does not accept my new password it says password is incorrect.Then when i try old password it is accepted.What is this? Why phone is just stuck to one password and does not change password.By the way this old password was also in previous Lollipop version. I have done "clear cache partition" in recovery mode but still the issue is same. I googled this problem but there was not any matter of this kind. Have you people any suggestion for this?


Category: 6.0 marshmallow Time: 2016-07-30 Views: 0

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