deferring argument in "alias" in .bshrc

I am a dumb user, who works with LINUX (ubuntu 14) My newly purchased laptop forces me to use bash-shell, and it has .bshrc. I used to use C-shell before that and tried to copy its aliases from .cshrc to .bshrc with some obvious editing. One thing doesn't work though -- the deferred argument as an example - my .cshrc command :

alias rm 'mv -f \!* $HOME/zap' 

when written in .bshrc as

alias rm = 'mv -f \!* $HOME/zap' 

generates an error msg :

bash:alias: rm: not found bash:alias: mv -f \!* $HOME/zap: not found 

(the directory "zap" was created by me in advance)

What should I use instead of "!*" ?


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