Delete 'Permanent' Changes to PATH?

I am developing using Cocos2d-x on a Mac running OS X 10.11.6. I have installed Android Studio and have a number of new entries in my PATH which are NOT being added by my .bash_profile. Example '/Users/MyName/Library/Android/sdk/tools'.

I want to build using another version of the SDK downloaded to another directory. I can add the path to the other SDK to my .bash_profile Ok but the previous path entries interfere. I cannot find whereabouts these are added to the PATH so I might remove them.

You may guess something of a MAC newbie. Any clues appreciated?



You can put needed path before any other path in PATH.

export PATH=/path/to/dir:$PATH

This will force your path to first look to /path/to/dir to resolve and you'll get needed version.

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