Dell Dimension 4600 Ubuntu 14.04 won't boot from USB

I've tried installing Ubuntu 14.04 on my Dell Dimension 4600 with 2.80GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM, but when I try to boot the iso from my USB it says strike F1 to retry reboot or F2 to start setup utility.


Ubuntu 14.04 requires at 1GB RAM and your Dell Dimension 4600 has only 512MB RAM. Either add another RAM stick or else install a more lightweight 32-bit version of Ubuntu, such as Xubuntu 32-bit, Ubuntu MATE 32-bit or Lubuntu 32-bit.

Standard *buntu releases are supported by updates for 9 months and LTS (long term support) releases are supported by updates for 3 or 5 years, depending on the *buntu flavor. If you download another iso file, you should download the latest version 16.04 which is a long term support version.

For more information about system hardware requirements see How do I find out which version and derivative of Ubuntu is right for my hardware in terms of minimal system requirements?.

For more information about making a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive see What is the universal way to write an Ubuntu ISO image on a USB stick?.

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