Determining Austrian roads which are accessible for pedestrians from OpenStreetMap?

I've looked at the attributes/tags of the OSM highways but couldn't find any information about my issue.

Is there a way to receive the information which roads (of the OSM highway key) are accessible by pedestrians? I know there is the "pedestrian" value, but I would like to find out ALL roads where pedestrians are allowed to walk (they can not only walk on pedestrian roads, sometimes also on secondardy roads, etc, wich are accessible for cars and for pedestrians both).

Is it possible to get this information using OSM data? Or is there a good workaround?

My area of interest is the country of Austria. My target is to receive all roads where pedestrians can not only footways...they can also walk on roads which are usually for cars (and pedestrians). Excluded for example should be all motorways (and other roads).


You can find that information mapped in highway=footway under sidewalk=left;right;both. See also the Sidewalk description in the OSM wiki.

Is it possible to get this information using OSM data?

Not without processing the data, using knowledge of the tag meanings and local traffic rules, both of which will differ from country to country.

To build the rules for processing the data that way, I would suggest to look at the code of pedestrian routing. But both routers available for "Foot" on (Graphhopper and Mapzen) are AFAIK proprietary.

It that is an option for you, you could of course simply query their public routing APIs.

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