Develop a VR Workspace

Whenever I work on large projects, I surround myself with whiteboards. I can spread out my ideas and work on multiple parts at once. I find my organization with this method is much better than with multiple windows, even when separated on multiple monitors.

Of course, my method has terrible drawbacks.

White boards are huge, expensive, and finite. Yes I suppose they're interesting conversation starters. Someone comes into your flat, sees equations scribbled on several white boards, they may be intrigued. Or they'll think you crazy, it's really a hit or miss. These boards really are elephants in the room. And for all that space they take up they cost an exuberant amount. A common full size whiteboard can run over $100. Also, if your project is large enough, or you have a lot of ideas, you can quickly run out of space.

I don't mind working through ideas on a computer, but my wallet cringes at the idea of surrounding myself in a wall of monitors.

So, how can we have a massive workspace inside of a shoebox for cheap?


Here's my question: Does any of this technology exist? Tech where I can put on a headset and walkthrough a digital workspace, make changes and save those changes into my computer? If not how can I use existing tech, or develop my own?

TLDR: Large workspaces are awesome, do they exist in VR?


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