Do I need a Site Down page for Azure Traffic Manager in Priority Mode

I'm setting up an Azure Traffic Manager, in Priority Mode, for my website. I have a primary and a failover location, both being monitoring by a "FailoverMonitor.aspx" page - if any resources are down for the appropriate resource\region, I return a 500 error. I wanted to also make sure an error message was returned to the user if all locations were down.

In my testing, I decided to break both my primary (priority 1) and failover (priority 2), and in doing so, I saw that the primary location was served up.

This kind of surprised me, I half expected the site to not return anything at all.. but instead it served up a site that is considered to be in a "degraded" status.

I added a 3rd endpoint to the traffic manager that returns a "sorry we're down" page - but is this the intended methodology to return such a message? I just want to make sure I'm going through all intended steps and not misusing the service. Thanks!


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