Do Macs Have Custom Models of Intel Processors?

Do Apple Computers use the same-exact Intel processors available to PC builders or are they custom models made just for Apple? For example, if a Mac is marketed as having an Intel i7 3.3 GHz x-generation processor and there is a matching processor listed on Ark for that chipset "generation," is it safe to assume that same-exact processor is in the Mac? Or does Apple get custom models within the chipset families just for their computers?

Also, is there a website where I can see the processor model numbers available in Macs so I don't have to spend time trying to match Apple's marketing to Intel's specs?


They are identical. Don't know if we are allowed to talk about it, but all I can say is to search osx86project or tonymacx86, you will see the hardware.

List of iMac and Macbook hardware and history.

If you search the Intel chips the Macs are using (eg. i7-4770HQ), you will see Windows laptops are using them as well.

Mactracker is an OSX App and an iOS App that has all the details from the first Mac to the last Mac.

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