Do (uncompromised) passwords ever need changing, if I use a password manager?

For instance, my Google account has a 32-character, random character password that I maintain with LastPass.

I regularly flash new ROMs on my phone or otherwise need to be able to manually type in my password. Not a big deal, but that password hasn't changed for quite some time now. I haven't memorized it, but that password is beginning to feel.. familiar. And of course, the only secure password is the one you can't remember.

I'm wondering if this password, or any other passwords that have been in my LastPast vault, need occasional changing, even if the passwords have not been compromised. Something along the lines of the corporate "change-your-password-every-90-days" thing.


Do you know that they are uncompromising? If you are absolutely sure, then there is no real need to change. Obviously if they are compromised, then go ahead and change. If you do not know, then it becomes more interesting.

That is the main purpose of changing your passwords, just in case they are compromised and that you are not yet aware of it. So the whole 90 day password change policy is usually a risk based compromise between how likely is your password compromised, and how annoying is it to change and re-remember (or in the case of a password manager, update and start using).

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