docker-compose network_mode: "host" doesn't seem to work

I try to build containers with a docker-compose.yml file :

version: '2'  services:      geonode:         build:              context: .         hostname: geonode         container_name: geonode         ports:             - 8000:8000         volumes:             - .:/geonode/         entrypoint:             - /usr/bin/python         command: runserver         network_mode: host 

In my Dockerfile I run apt-get update after FROM ubuntu:14.04 but it fails : Could not resolve ''

I tried docker run -i -t --net=host ubuntu:14.04 /bin/bash and then run apt-get update and it works. So it seems to me that the network_mode in docker-compose and the --net=host with docker run don't work the same way.

Does somebody has an explanation?


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