Does a "capacitor" for light exist? [on hold]

If I have a light that is flickering at a frequency low enough to be perceived by the human eye, is there any type of material that exists that will smooth out the appearance of flickering? Similar to how a capacitor smooths the output of a rectifier?



Phosphor is a material which absorbs light, and then re-emits it a short time later. It is used in some LEDs and CCFL lamps. But:

  • Most phosphors are colour specific, they absorb a certain colour and re-emit a spread of redder colours. To get a mixture which absorbs and emits mostly-white might not be easy.
  • Phosphors have varying time constants, that is some re-emit very quickly, others slower. You'll have to choose a phosphor which is slow enough to cover the dark time of your flickering lamp.
  • I have no idea how you're going to apply a phosphor to an existing light in a way which will last a reasonable time in service and will intercept most of the light. It's going to be hard to do a decent job with paint.

All in all, it will probably be easier to filter the flickering out electronically with a capacitor and/or an inductor.

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