Does a latch enable input need a pull-up to work?

I connected an output pin of a CD 4017 counter to the OE pin of one nibble of the 74HC244 driver and I fed that signal through an inverter to the other OE pin. That way, when a certain number is reached, data should flow the other way.

As I was experimenting, I noticed that the inputs fed to one nibble of the driver is correct, but even though I set OE of that nibble to low to enable data to flow through the driver, the outputs do not match up.

I already tied an LED through a 1K resistor to the OE line of the problematic nibble latch so I can see action on an LED.

Nothing has heated up in my circuit at all.

Is my pull-down resistor value bad?

I just can't understand why the 74HC244 driver won't let the nibble data go through when OE is essentially low.


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