Does a powerline adapter performance matter if my Internet speed is less than powerline rated speed?

My question is really basic.

If my best Internet speed is around 30Mbs does it matter if my powerline adapter speed is 100 or 200Mbs.

Logically the system is as fast as its slowest link.

Is logic right?


If my best internet speed is around 30Mbs does it matter if my Powerline adapter speed is 100 or 200 Mbs.

Nope. Your logic is right. It doesn’t matter what your local powerline network’s performance is if your Internet speed is 30Mbs and your powerline network is maxed at 100Mbs.

It does matter if you care about LAN device-to-device speed on that powerline network. Like if you have some kind of media server that needs decent speed for acceptable performance and such.

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