Dovecot Sieve Prevent Overriding Rule

I have this mail server that forwards a specific mail to the junk forlder via Dovecot Sieve.. i use ":match" operator in sieve to detect "Authentication-Results" header in email. I find everything good until i discovered an email with two "Authentication-Results" header (the one generated by my local opendkim installation, and the second generated by an external server)... As per my observation, the second authentication-results header used to override the one provided by my local opendkim installation, thus providing potential issue with segregating spam and ham emails.

So what i wanted to do is use the authentication-results header provided by my local opendkim installation. I have searched the language's documentation, but i cant find anything helpful. Can you enlighten me about this?


Category: postfix Time: 2016-07-31 Views: 3

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