dplyr group_by a large number of variables

Sometimes one has a number of variables with the same grouping, in particular as a result of doing a gather on some variables, ex:

  x0     x1    x2 variable     value 1  1   Male Green        1 0.1803306 2  1   Male Green        2 0.5619410 3  1   Male Green        3 0.9905186 4  2 Female  Blue        1 0.1549419 5  2 Female  Blue        2 0.6917326 6  2 Female  Blue        3 0.6509738 

In such a case, I'd like to compute a grouped summary statistic (say, group_by(x0) %>% summarize(sum(value))) while preserving all the ID variables given by the first columns. One way is to do group_by(x0, x1, x2) but this becomes a little messy if there are a large number of ID variables, and group_by doesn't seem to work with the functions from select, so I can't do group_by(starts_with("x")). How can I cleanly preserve all my ID variables post-summarize without typing out each variable name individually?


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Tags: dplyr

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