Drivers on my Dell Laptop

Today I installed Windows Server 2008 on my old dell inspiron 8200. I was having some issues because I could not connect to the internet.

OFF TOPIC I am new so I have no idea where do I ask this question.

I searched on google for network controller driver for dell inspiron 8200, and I also tried to configure my 802.11n wireless adapter. But every single driver I try to install, it still does not work. Later today I found a Dell Inspiron CD and tried to find a driver on it but I was unsuccessful. So my question is, where can I find a Network driver for my laptop running Windows Server 2008 and pls make it quick.

Maybe OFF TOPIC My computer is running a 32bit version. Also just a random question, is there a way to run Windows Server 2012 on it. I know there are only 64bit versions, but where can I find a 32bit version.


Without knowing what specific network card you have in the system, this is the best I can provide:

Also, this system doesn't use a 64-bit processor, nor does it support the RAM requirements of at least 4GB for any 64-bit Windows Operating System. So no, it would not support Server 2012.

An alternate solution would be to obtain a USB network adapter complete with drivers and install it on the system, making sure the OS is supported before you buy the adapter.

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