Drupal Solr not working with numerical search terms

So this is quite a strange one:

I have a site hooked up to a Solr instance through Search API. All seems to work fine, apart from a few edge-case issues surrounding searching for content containing numerical characters.

For example, if I have a piece of content called 'Adam ist 23' (I changed 'is' for 'ist' to get around stopwords being ignored), here are the search terms and results:

Search: Adam ist 23 Result: No results found  Search: Adam ist Result: Adam ist 23  Search: Adam ist 2 Result: Adam ist 23  Search: Adam ist 3 Result: Adam ist 23  Search: Adam ist 2 3 Result: Adam ist 23 

It seems to only affect search results where my search terms match the entire numerical value found within the title (or any indexed field, for that matter).

I found a thread on here with a recommendation to make a change to the following line in config.xml, however it did not fix my issue:

I'm at a loss to what's going on here, so any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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