Dual boot setup, cannot get into ubuntu partition

I have a laptop with a 256gb pcie ssd for windows and i added in a 2tb hard drive for linux and windows storage. I booted from my ubuntu 16.04 usb stick but when i went to install it, he installation menu said that no other operating system was detected on my computer. So i manually created a 1tb partition on my hdd and installed ubuntu there, but now i cannot boot into linux. In windows, the disk management tool marks that partition as "active" so it should be bootable but it is nowhere in my bios as an option. When i power up my laptop, it goes straight into windows. How do I get into my ubuntu install? I assume this is more of a problem with my bios than anything


It happened to me...very frustrating. What I did was going into BIOS, disabling Secure boot and then enabling Legacy boot/mode.

Then when I start up my PC, it says pres ESC for boot menu or something like that. I press it, then choose I can choose ubuntu / windows. Then after I choose ubuntu it goes into the GRUB menu, I choose ubuntu one more time and then ubuntu boots.

This worked for me, it might work for you and it might not. Give it a try. Hope it helps.

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