E-mails disappear from mailbox via Outlook but not via OWA

I have a problem with disappearing email messages from Outlook. Scenario: One day user have all emails in his mailbox and suddenly many of these messages revealed to be missing. When user logs via OWA all of the messages are in place (in Outlook they are still not).We have Microsoft Windows SBS 2011 with Outlook (2010-2013) clients. We have about 40 clients but this problem occurs only on a few of them.

I have tried the following:

Please help.


Have you check period of time what email's are kept on pc? Maybe you have setup month or something? Also check auto archiv?

If the emails are in OWA, then they are in the mailbox. That suggests the issue is with Outlook only. My instinct is a view is hiding the emails. Reset the views.

outlook.exe /cleanviews

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