Edit error in ArcGis 10.3.1

I am trying to create a feature in a polygon layer in a file geodatabase but I get this error:

Edit error in ArcGis 10.3.1

I can't figure out what my mistake?


I can't delete this field in Arcatalog:

Edit error in ArcGis 10.3.1


Close your Map Document, open the Feature Class properties in ArcCatalog. In the FC Properties you can delete or recreate your spatial index.

From Error: The spatial index grid size is invalid:

If this error is encountered while editing within ArcMap, recalculate or modify the grid size of the feature class to accommodate the new feature. The recalculation of the grid size must be done from the Feature Class properties dialog box within ArcCatalog. This requires the use of the Stop Editing function, save any edits, and close the Map Document containing the feature class. For steps on how to recalculate or modify the grid size of a feature class, see the following Web help documentation: Setting spatial indexes.

From Rebuild a spatial index:

To rebuild or re-create a spatial index on a feature class from the Feature Class Properties dialog box, do the following:

  1. Start ArcMap and open the Catalog window or start ArcCatalog.
  2. In the Catalog tree, connect to the geodatabase or database that contains the feature class for which you want to modify the spatial index. For enterprise geodatabases or databases, connect as the data owner to rebuild indexes.
  3. Right-click the feature class and click Properties.
  4. Click the Indexes tab.
  5. How you modify the spatial index for a feature class depends on what spatial data type the feature class contains.
    • For feature classes using Geometry storage in SQL Server, click Recalculate to let ArcGIS set the grid size.
    • For feature classes using ST_Geometry in Oracle, click Rebuild.
    • For feature classes in any of the following, click Delete to drop the spatial index and click Create to create a new one:
      • File geodatabases
      • PostgreSQL
      • DB2
      • Informix
      • Netezza
      • ALTIBASE
      • Teradata
      • SQLite
      • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
      • Feature classes that use Geography or binary storage in SQL Server
      • Feature classes that use binary or SDO_Geometry storage in Oracle

    The re-created index reflects the current data.

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