Every morning I must Start Zorin[Ubuntu] 14.04 x64 twice to stay in GUI desktop

Every morning I boot to the point of seeing a slight glimpse of the desktop only for the machine to go through a full shutdown. Then, the second time I boot it goes fully to GUI desktop and all is fine for the rest of 14 hours.....including reboots, shutdowns and startups, every day.

Cleaning out logfiles, temps, and browser cache[s] seemed to stop it for a week at a time, but now its happening every morning squeaky clean.

I have posted a Boot-Repair bootinfo summary at http://paste.ubuntu.com/19074021/ I have not used the Boot-Repair tool for fear of Botching everything up.....rarely have luck with automated tools, though I have used it externally, from usb, may be why it is at the end of the grub.cfg.

I'm 2 years into linux, left Windows for dead, if you need anything, grub.cfg etc. I know how to readily grab, copy AND edit most everything.

Thanks for looking.....Dave


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