Excel Averageifs with date criteria

I have 2 sheet called sheet1 and the other sheet2.

Info found on sheet1 Using columns a-d

Date Product qty used actual qty used

1-jan-16 aaaa 102 50

8-jan-16 aaaa 102 150

Date = 1 jan + 8 day till dec 31

sheet2 info using columns a-d

Month count average




The count columns uses the =count function works ok

but the average error

This is what i'm trying to do is average out the actual column on sheet 1 using the month criteria on sheet2, so for the month Jan it looks at sheet1 and averages out the 4 week that have the month Jan found in it.

I get #DIV/0! error


If any info missing please feel free to ask. Thanks


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