Excel issue - Link a cell to the number of documents in a file

I am trying to get an excel spreadsheet to update when a document is inserted into a file.

For example I have a folder called day diary. Every few days I will insert a word document or PDF document into this folder. I would like for the excel spreadsheet to acknowledge that a document has been put in the file.

Is this possible?

VBA welcome, however I have no experience in it. (Willing to learn a bit)

Thanks for your time!

I'm getting some negative feedback towards my laziness. Fair enough. I usually just use YouTube for my answers. It was not my intention to get a script written for me. Just if what I was asking was possible or if a certain function exists. I am more then capable of doing the leg work. I just don't know where to begin.

If anyone can offer direction then I will keep updating this page with my progress. I'm sure it could help someone else looking for the same problem further down the line.


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