Extending via cable 10 port 120W usb charger

red and black wires are to be extended Extending via cable 10 port 120W usb charger

Please refer to photo - the gist is that a 120w 10 port usb(2.4Amps each) is connected to mains 230V 13A Max socket.

What I really like is to have the USB ports "strip" at a distance further apart from the unit. As further apart as possible without too much charging power degradation.

Thinking of 1-4m cable which will replace the 4 black&red wires currently used by the device. Everything will be insulated and nicely covered.

I don't need the weight of the rest of the unit but just the charging ports to be as portable as possible.

What should I be aware of? How should it be done?


All that you really need to do is make sure you use the appropriate wire. 24 Amps at 5V will cause significant voltage droop over a cable with high resistance. Use larger gauge cable and keep it as short as possible, to minimize droop and heat issues.

It doesn't look like there is a voltage sense wire or trim pot to slightly adjust the output voltage to compensate, but that's a horrible picture.

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