Extracting sub string using Perl

I have string as follows.

{ "id": "1304145" ,"Name" : "Ravi" ,"State" : "KAR" ,"Comp" : "CTL" } ,{ "id": "2488398" ,"Name" : "Abhik" ,"State" : "TEL" ,"Comp" : "WFG" } ,{ "id": "89039487" ,"Name" : "Jana" ,"State" : "ODS" ,"Comp" : "TOT" } 

I want to extract each of the sub-string present in a {} and make a format as follws

ID          Name    State   Comp 1304145     Ravi    KAR     CTL 2488398     Abhik   TEL     WFG 89039487    Jana    ODS     TOT 

I tried it, but my scripts are not giving the exact outputs. Need your help in solving this.


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Tags: perl

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