fancyvrb: multiple actives

this works great---well, I stole it right out of the docs:

{   \catcode`!=\active   \begin{Verbatim}[defineactive=\def!{\color{red}\bf}]     black !   red     black   \end{Verbatim} } 

now I would like to have multiple active characters, each designating a particular style. I could bore everyone with my code that tries to generalize this to two or three characters (define '-' as active, then add another defineactive with a comma), but they were all wrong.

is this easy?

a related question (not needed) is whether one can easy switch forth and back on the same line.

advice appreciated.


You can have multiple active characters:



    \[email protected]{\color{cyan}}
!    red
@    blue
?    orange


fancyvrb: multiple actives

and define a custom environment to handle this specification, but I'd strongly suggest you to switch to the listings package for heavy formatting of listings.

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