Fast transformation of BGR BufferedImage to YUV using FFMpeg

I wanted to transform a TYPE_3BYTE_BGR BufferedImage in Java to yuv using the sws_scale function of FFMpeg through JNI. I first extract the data of my image from the BufferedImage as

    byte[] imgData = ((DataBufferByte) myImage.getRaster().getDataBuffer()).getData();      byte[] output = processImage(toSend,0);      

Then I pass it to the processImage function which is a native function. The C++ side looks like this:

JNIEXPORT jbyteArray JNICALL Java_jni_JniExample_processData   (JNIEnv *env, jobject obj, jbyteArray data, jint index) {      jboolean isCopy;     uint8_t *test  = (uint8_t *)env->GetPrimitiveArrayCritical(data, &isCopy);     uint8_t *inData[1]; // RGB24 have one plane     inData[0] = test;   SwsContext * ctx = sws_getContext(width,height,AV_PIX_FMT_BGR24, (int)width, (int)width,         AV_PIX_FMT_YUV420P, 0, 0, 0, 0);      int lumaPlaneSize = width *height;     uint8_t *yuv[3];      yuv[0] = new uint8_t[lumaPlaneSize];     yuv[1] = new uint8_t[lumaPlaneSize/4];     yuv[2] = new uint8_t[lumaPlaneSize/4];      int inLinesize[1] = { 3*nvEncoder->width }; // RGB stride     int outLinesize[3] = { 3*width ,3*width ,3*width }; // YUV stride      sws_scale(ctx, inData, inLinesize, 0, height , yuv, outLinesize); 

However, after running the code, I get the warning: [swscaler @ 0x7fb598659480] Warning: data is not aligned! This can lead to a speedloss, everything crashes., and everything crashes on the last line. Am I doing things properly in terms of passing the correct arguments to sws_scale? (specially the strides).


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Tags: java ffmpeg jni

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