Favorite CF Functions/Tags/Etc.

…posted by davidjmedlock:

I thought it would be interesting to hear from other developers what their favorite or most used ColdFusion custom tags, UDF’s, or CFC’s are. I’ll start off:

– This has saved my life a few times when I needed to use XML with CF 5. It’s based on the Microsoft XMLDOM parser, which from my research is not the greatest in the world. But when you just need to do some simple XML parsing, it can really save your life.

DeleteCFCache – This nifty little UDF can be handy to have around. Ever get an error that won’t seem to go away no matter what you try? It may be because CFMX has cached that file. It can be a nightmare to figure out the first time you see it and then when you do figure it out, it becomes a pain to clear the cache. This little UDF can make it much easier to clear out those files and save your sanity.

ImageSize – CFMX required. Grabs the image height and width for you. It’s a very handy tag to have around, especially when doing any image manipulation.

So there are a few of mine. Feel free to post your favorites here.


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