Figure not showing at all

I have an issue where figure is not showing at all (not even a box) and referencing does not work either.

\documentclass{sig-alternate-05-2015}  \usepackage{changebar} \newcommand{\figref}[1]{Figure~\ref{Fi:#1}}  \begin{document}  \begin{figure*}[t] \begin{center} \includegraphics[width=1.5\columnwidth]{something.png} \caption{Some caption.} \label{Fi:something} \end{center} \end{figure*}  Here is a~\figref{something}. \end{document} 

The output is simply Here is a Figure??. I don't understand why. What I do know that compilation fails if package changebar is not loaded. Furthermore, the figure shows if I just use figure environment, although the reference is still broken. I am using TexLive on Windows but I also used MikTex (where new packages are loaded automatically). Any help appreciated.

You can get class file and dependencies here.


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