File server audit for multiple file types

So, here's the of our clients never put any sort of restrictions on their file servers in regards to what type of files their users could put in their network drives. So, users being users, they put everything on them, including movies, songs, jpg's, etc etc etc.

While they're not planning on putting any restrictions in place right now (something I've fought for multiple times, but hey, I can only push so far), I have to get together a list of the various file types on the servers, and a list containing at least a majority of the file locations so we can try to clean up what we can before they migrate their data to a combination of OneDrive and a hosting solution later this year/early next year. This would include for .pst files, .ost files, .jpg, .avi, .mpg, .mp4, and at least potentially others.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a utility or PowerShell script to find and create a list of any folders containing files of specific file types, along with the size of the folder? I've been using WinDirStat for a lot of this stuff, but without being able to create a report of any sort, it's usefulness for this task is fairly limited, unless if I want to spend days going through it for each of the four file servers. I've been looking around online, but I haven't found anything so far.


File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) Reports.

File Server Resource Manager can generate reports that will help you understand file use on the storage server. You can use the storage reports to monitor disk usage patterns (by file type or user), identify duplicate files and dormant files, track quota usage, and audit file screening.

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