financial risk vs return graphs on a single page

need to show risk vs return for different assets (for different snapshots) ..i need to show all the 8 images in one page else the context is lost ..snapshot (Version 1) has smaller images and has the advantage of letting users know that there a few more graphs below , immediately. Version 2 however is more clear since its blown up but has the disadvantage of not displaying the bottom 4 graphs (of course, the scroll bar is very evident but i am aiming for a design where the user intuitively knows there are more charts to come , on the same page).What do the good folks here recommend ? also i have been reading a few papers online which generally show a max of 4 charts per screen but i think its a one size fits all approach and my solution definitely needs all the info to be available on the same page. Any pointers will be met with heart felt appreciation :) financial risk vs return graphs on a single page

financial risk vs return graphs on a single page


Category: info visualisation Time: 2016-07-29 Views: 2

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