Flash Script - Cool Mac Button Menu

When I first saw Mac OS 9, I saw buttons at the bottom of the desktop that scaled according to your mouse position, and decided to do the same thing in Flash.

Download the sample files here. Let’s start!

1. Create a movie clip of your choice.

Here, I’ve used buttons from the Fflash buttons library and converted them to a movie clip. You can add as many movieclips as you like.

2. For this effect to work, there is only one thing you have to do. Right click the movieclip, go to the action, insert:

onClipEvent (enterFrame)   {  mouse = _xmouse;  if (mouse<0)  {  mouse = -1*mouse;  }  scale = 200-mouse;  if (scale<100)   {  scale = 100;  }  if (scale>200)   {  scale = 200;  }  setProperty ("", _xscale, scale);  setProperty ("", _yscale, scale);  }

Place this action in every movieclip. Then, test the movie.


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